Keynote Topics

Keynote Topics

Keynote 1|

Make Shift Happen

How to Up Your Game & Elevate Your Success in Life

Ideal Audience: Corporate and General Audiences and can be tailored for Leadership, Sales, and your Specific Industry

Value: Increase productivity for yourself and your employees which leads to more bottom-line income

Whether it’s to start a business, become an author, or reach the top of Mt. Everest, we all have big goals in life. But many of us spend more time talking about the things we want to do, than actually doing them. Yet every day we’re surrounded by people who achieve really big goals. From entrepreneurs to athletes, we all have someone we admire for the elite level of success they’ve achieved. But why were they so successful, when so many of us fall short of our goals time after time?

As a former NFL football player, American Ninja Warrior, and successful entrepreneur, Anthony Trucks knows it takes an incredible amount of work to achieve big goals and elite levels of success. But many times, there’s a gap between what we want to achieve and what we believe we’re actually capable of achieving. Anthony says these “identity gaps” keep us from reaching our goals, because they limit the amount of effort, we put toward achieving them.

In this insightful and engaging program, Anthony shares how we can close the gap and achieve our biggest goals. Learn the six core “identity drivers” — beliefs, actions, thoughts, ego, mindset, and habits — and how elite performers use them to reach higher levels of success in their career, their relationships, and in life. Get ready to Make Shift Happen!

Takeaways: In this program, you’ll learn...

  • How our beliefs are linked to our behavior and how we perform each day
  • What the “identity gap” is and how it’s keeping you from achieving your biggest goals in life
  • The 6 “identity drivers” and how they influence whether we achieve our goals—or not
  • How to use the “see, shift & sustain” method to achieve long-term success
  • How to develop habits that help make achieving your goal easier
  • How to identify your “income identity” and how you can change it

Keynote 2|

The Shift Starter

You’re Only One Shift Away from Your Full Potential

Ideal Audience: Corporate and General Audiences and can be tailored for Leadership, Sales, and your Specific Industry

Value: Increase productivity for yourself and your employees which leads to more bottom-line income

Whether you’re struggling in your career or dealing with a major life challenge, there’s no shortage of advice on how to find success and happiness. But while you can find countless tools, strategies, and even motivation from outside sources, they rarely lead to the life-changing results we seek. That’s because the biggest obstacle standing between you and the life you want is you

Anthony Trucks learned this from an early age. Having entered foster care at the age of three, Anthony was adopted by an all-white family when he was 14 and, for the first time ever, had the chance to play football. Though far behind in skill, he loved the game and decided he wanted to be one of the greats. Although the odds were against him—he’d learned that 75% of prison inmates were once foster kids like him—he decided his identity in life was not going to be determined by some statistic. With determination, drive, and hard work, he received a scholarship to play college football, which led to a career in the NFL. After an injury cut his NFL career short, it was this same mentality that helped him become a successful entrepreneur, father, and husband.  

Anthony now shows people how to unlock their potential for success and happiness, by making their own “identity shift.” In this inspirational keynote, he shares his personal story of adversity—foster care, an NFL career cut short, near bankruptcy, and divorce—and how the power of self-belief helped him overcome it all. He teaches audiences how to shift the thoughts and beliefs they have about themselves—i.e., their identity—to overcome life’s challenges. With stories about family, football, and facing your fears, Anthony will inspire your audience to turn their biggest obstacles into their greatest opportunities!

Takeaways: In this program, you’ll learn...

  • How to be resilient to change, roadblocks and obstacles by doing things the H.A.R. D. way
  • How to design and become your “ideal identity”
  • The psychology behind how our thoughts and self-beliefs get “programmed” by our past experiences
  • What “identity walls” are and how to recognize yours

Keynote 3|

Culture Shift

How to Leverage Your Team’s Diversity to Achieve More...Together 

Ideal Audience: Corporate and General Audiences but can be tailored for a Specific Industry

Value: Increase profitability by improving communication, empathy and understanding learned by identifying with your co-workers

Research has shown that companies with diverse and inclusive workplaces are better at attracting and retaining talent, engaging employees, and innovating new ideas and products than companies without them. It’s no wonder that “diversity” and “inclusion” are topics on almost every business leader’s mind. 

But for Anthony Trucks, these aren’t just trending topics; they’re the very foundation of his life story.  

After entering foster care at the age of three, Anthony was finally adopted when he was 14 years old—by a poor, all-white family. As the only black member of his new family, he learned early on that in spite of being different he wasn’t less loved or valued as part of the family. In fact, the unconditional love he received from his adopted family became a driving force in his life. Anthony’s experiences playing football in college and the NFL, as well as his interracial marriage, further shaped his beliefs about how diversity and inclusion affect the bonds between both individuals and teams.

In this eye-opening and humorous program, Anthony shares his personal stories, experiences, and perspectives on diversity, inclusion, and racism. He teaches audiences lessons and tactics that can be used immediately to foster better communication, connection, and understanding between diverse individuals and teams. Anthony’s mission is to inspire people and organizations to build stronger bonds, celebrate differences, and achieve greater success...together. 

Takeaways: In this program, you’ll learn...

  • The effects of diversity on your organization’s bottom line
  • How to create a more inclusive culture & help people feel valued for who they are
  • How to value individual differences and team goals at the same time
  • Tactics for better communication and connection between team members